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AYUDAMIST AUSTRALIAN MISTS is our very own breeders website. In December 2008 we had our first litter of Australian Mists, details of these and the background to this new breed can be found by visiting our website.

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Robert Fox Pet Photography

VIKING CAT CLUB is an all breed FIFe club specialising in Norwegian Forest Cats.

For anybody living in the Midlands area who may wish to help a small rescue centre based in Derby ,the kats whiskers is well worth a visit. This husband wife team deserve all the help they can get for their dedication to the animals in their care.

The Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre is raising funds to help replace worn out buildings, for information on how to help or to find out more about this hard working charity group why not check out their website.

The closest Australia has to a native cat is the marsupial known as a Quoll. Sadly all four varieties of quoll are threatened with extinction. To learn more about these beautiful creatures and of other other Australian creatures in trouble and general wildlife news from down under check out theWildlife Protection Association of Australia, an organization which is the only charity to have the late Steve Irwin as its patron.Pawprints is proud to be associated with WPAA.

Heather Francombe is an excellent artist/designer and is waiting to do your special pets portrait. Check out her website Captured Art and see what she can do for you today. Dont forget to mention you found her via pawprints-catshop.

For the finest in pet photography by a former kodak pet photographer of the year visit The Art of Animals. Here you can also order bespoke portraits  in a studio or location setting of your choice.

For luxury cat furniture you should check outTigga Towers, for a selection of furniture where you choose what you need quite literally. Check out their website today.

For fabulous wildlife art and pet portraits one site you should visit is Certainly well worth a visit.

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